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Hi there! I found out this nice project of yours just a couple of weeks ago and it instantly got me, so that I decided to follow the ongoing process via rss. Then you made me discover Kickstarter – shame I’m not us resident!!! – and now I’m thinking about contributing and get me a copy of the game.
Apart from that I also wanted to share my feelings about the few glimpses of the game available at the moment… Concept and mechanics seem really nicely done: an epic feudal game with multiple layers of interaction and subtle strategies other than mere military supremacy and also the just dose of “abstractness”, PLUS CARDS… Love it! Also I always believed that illustrations and components are fundamental for a game to ignite the joy of playin it, and where SO many mainstream games fail so often you seem to have achieved a considerably high standard… The art is just perfect: again, the balance between realism and the foggy appearance of a epic past is just so well rendered.
I must say I like the hex board much more than the regular map, as its simplicity seems to fit so elegantly with the richness of the illustrations.
But I have one major objection – and I don’t want to seem cocky or judgmental – about the cards graphic layout, which in my opinion is just not at the same quality level with the rest of the game, especially for what concerns the font work… It’s a real pity, and I hope the one card visible in the trailer won’t be the definitive version.
I want to stress it: it’s not a gratuitous criticism, it’s just that I really feel this game has so much potential that it would be a shame to bring it down with such a tiny yet huge detail. Anyway, keep up with the good work as I will keep following the process. Best regards, Gabriele

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