Wanted: Playtesters

Lyssan is wrapping up its alpha test phase and moving into beta test. And that means it will need more playtesters. Soon. Interested? Leave a comment here.

Right now, Lyssan is in the alpha test phase. If you live in the Bay Area and want to try out the new game, let’s talk. Right now there’s the one prototype of the game, I attend all playtests, and take notes on what I see. Playtests are hosted at my loft, or gaming spaces like Eudamonia, Games of Berkeley, or Endgame.

What I’m looking for in a beta test group: You should like wargames. You should be able to get three or four players together without trouble, with an evening to spare. You should be down for filling out a webform after the game to tell me what you discovered. If all that fits you, I might just have a playtest copy for you.

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